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Fee Structure


1.    Air Force Schools are governed by IAF Educational & Cultural Society, New Delhi and Air Force Schools charges fees as per the heads given below:-

(a)    Monthly Charges

(i)     Tuition Fees.

(ii)     Lab Fees (including computer lab fees).

(iii)     E-learning Fees.

(b)    One Time Charges

(i)    Admission Fees (equivalent to one month’s fees) (Non-refundable).

(ii)    Caution Money (equivalent to one month’s fees)(Refundable).

(c)    Annual Charges

(i)    Development Fees (category wise 15% of tuition fees).

(ii)    School Diary/Magazine/I-Card/Health Card Fees.

(iii)    Examination Fees.

(iv)    Library Fees.

(v)    Activity Fees.

(vi)    Sports Fees.

(vii)    Insurance Fees.

2.    The fee is to be paid by the 10th of the month or as notified by the School Management Committee. ‘Late Fee’ will becharged in case of non-payment by due date. Late fee @ `20/-per day (includingholidays) will be charged for ten days after the last date of payment. Thereafter`50/-per day (including holidays) will be charged for next twenty days till the actionto strike-off name is initiated. 

3.    In case of non-payment offee within 30 days after the last date of payment name of the student will be struck offfrom the roll of the strength. In case of re-admission of struckoff case, all charges as specified for fresh admission are to be levied, provided vacancy exists.

4.    Tuition Fees and Development Fees will be charged category-wise.

5.    Yearly Enhancement of Tuition Fees. Tuition fee will be enhanced @ 10% every year, as on 01 April. Governing Body may, at its discretion, direct AirForce Schools to enhance fees by more than 10% to maintain financial viability and to meetestablishment expenditure.

Note:- The caution money deposit of all existing students will be revised everyyear along with the yearly revision of Tuition Fee. The difference amount will becollected along with fees in the month of April.

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