Sr.No Name Period Term
1 Admission Process (To be completed) Jan 22 to Mar 22 -
2 PTM-1 (Orientation Program) 26th Mar TERM-I
3 Commencement of classes(New Session) 1st Apr
4 Summer Vacation 4th May to 20th Jun
5 Conduct of Cycle-1 25th Jun to 30th Jun
6 Conduct of PT-1 23rd Jul to 31st Jul
7 Conduct of Cycle-2 25th Jul to 30th Jul
8 PTM-2 20th Aug
9 Conduct of Cycle-3 24th Aug to 30th Aug
10 Half Yearly Exam/Cycle-4 22nd Sept to 30th Sept
11 Autumn Vacation 3rd Oct to 12th Oct TERM-II
12 PTM-3 22nd Oct
13 Conduct of Cycle-5 14th Nov to 19th Nov
14 Conduct of PT-2 12th Dec to 20th Dec
15 Cycle-6 05th Jan to 11th Jan
16 Winter Vacation 22nd Dec 2022 to 2nd Jan 2023
17 PTM-4 21stJan
18 Conduct of Cycle-7 1st Feb to 7th Feb
19 Yearly Exam / Cycle-8 1st Mar to 17th Mar
20 PTM-5 25th March 2023
*Note: - This is a tentative schedule. Any change will be informed through Class Whatsapp group.


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